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Wednesday, November 11
8:00am ES20WA3: EDsession: Building Community - Demonstrating Inclusion with Madison College’s Goodman South Campus Steven Kieckhafer, Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP; Linda Moses, Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP show more Description Madison College wished to assist the underserved of Dane County and invited community members to discuss their needs. This input was instrumental in confirming the location of the new Goodman South Campus, the programs offered, and the need for cultural expression within the building. The project was funded by private donors through an expansive fundraising effort initiated to avoid taxing those it sought to help. This case study will review the project process and how the diversity of the surrounding community is told through branding and environmental graphics. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Steven Kieckhafer Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP Linda Moses Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP ES20WA4: EDsession: Choose Your Own Adventure — Navigating the Path to Early Childhood Education Danielle O'Grady, TMP Architecture; Nandita Mishra, TMP Architecture show more Description Early learners are the world’s greatest treasures. The need for purposeful programming for Early Childhood Education over the last decade has shifted focus to the long term benefits for our “youngest of learners.” As these young learners begin their journey, their development is highly dependent upon their relationships and environments. Administrators, designers, and educators must consider venturing out of their comfort zone to explore solutions that best fit our youngest adventurers. Join us as we help navigate through limitations, avert the hazards along the way, and explore the right path for early childhood programming for your district. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Danielle O'Grady TMP Architecture Nandita Mishra TMP Architecture ES20WA5: EDsession: Increasing Accessibility Through Technology and Universal Design Joshua Kaufman, Tufts University show more Description In recent years, advances in technology have made education more accessible by removing barriers inherent in traditional learning environments. This talk will focus on universal design for accessibility, as well as practical advice on how to create accessible learning spaces. Topics will include ways to use existing technology and installed systems to increase accessibility without high cost or lead-time. It will also cover a range of potential applications of current and emerging technologies, and how they fit within the universal design framework. We'll conclude with the future of education and the expanding role of technology in increasing universal accessibility. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Joshua Kaufman Tufts University ES20WA1: EDsession: Responding to Student Mental Health Needs Through Space Design Robert Dillon, School District of University City show more Description The Center for Disease Control has sounded the alarm that student mental health is leading to serious consequences including stress, anxiety, self-harm, and loss of life through suicide. This reality has schools rethinking the impact of learning environments on mental health. This session points to practical actions being taken across the country to reshape current and new learning spaces into places of comfort and care. Join us for a conversation on the learning science behind spaces for optimal mental and physical health of students as well as ideas on how to lead the conversation on this essential topic. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Robert Dillon School District of University City
9:15am ES20PLEN: What Schools Could Be — Small Steps That Lead to Big Change Ted Dintersmith, Boundless show more Description Ted Dintersmith, co-founder of Boundless, is on a mission to give our kids a real chance to thrive in the innovation era. Without profound change in traditional education, most of our current students will be at risk in a world defined by innovation. It doesn't have to be this way. Dintersmith draws on his trip to all fifty states during the 2015/2016 school year to highlight conditions, including learning spaces and environments, that lead to exceptional student learning. He goes onto identify change models that enable a school, district, or even a state to effectively transform classrooms at scale. Dintersmith is the author of What School Could Be, an inspiring account of teachers in ordinary circumstances doing extraordinary things. He illustrates what leads to powerful learning in classrooms and how to empower our teachers to make it happen. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 9:15AM - 10:30AM Speakers Ted Dintersmith Boundless
1:00pm ES20WB6: EDsession: A Recipe for Authentic Learning Alexis Greer, North Rowan High School; Ben Butchart , North Rowan High School show more Description In 2018, learning spaces at North Rowan High School began a transformation into an open, collaborative and comfortable vision that learners, parents, facilitators, community stakeholders and our Principal had envisioned. Partnering with OFS Brands, Green Standards, Fresh Artists and Wells Fargo, the new learning spaces were created to reflect the change in the directional education we have at NRHS. Come learn how the teachers/designers combine design thinking, challenge-based learning, entrepreneurship curriculum, learner reflective practices, soft skill rubrics and digital portfolios to create an authentic and engaging learning environment. Session participants will use a manipulative handout during the presentation that allows us to highlight the design lab learning spaces and strategies we use to create an authentic learning environment. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 1:00PM - 2:00PM Speakers Alexis Greer North Rowan High School Ben Butchart North Rowan High School ES20WB2: EDsession: Design Thinking to Create Environments Fostering Choice, Comfort, and Engagement Aaron Jetzer, IUSD show more Description It’s imperative that students are provided with learning spaces that promote collaboration, choice, and optimal learning stimuli. Through this workshop, attendees will recognize the importance of eliciting input from the stakeholders that use the space first, and then designing a space to fit those needs. Defining “why” we create the environment we create is the foundation to providing the optimal “what." Time Wednesday, Nov 11 1:00PM - 2:00PM Speakers Aaron Jetzer IUSD ES20WB3: EDsession: Instruction Drives Construction: Community Engagement Beyond the Vote Paul Imhoff, Upper Arlington Schools; Aimee Eckmann, Perkins and Will; Steve Turckes, Perkins and Will show more Description After two years of intensive community engagement, Upper Arlington Schools passed a $235 million dollar bond. Staying true to its master plan promise “your voice matters”, the Upper Arlington Board of Education has continued to engage its community, staff and students in a uniquely transparent and participatory design planning process. Authentically applying input from numerous community engagement sessions, the team cultivated a vision for the future of teaching and learning. This session will explore the various elements of the design phase and how to marry changing pedagogical approaches to the facilities that support them. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 1:00PM - 2:00PM Speakers Paul Imhoff Upper Arlington Schools Aimee Eckmann Perkins and Will Steve Turckes Perkins and Will ES20WB4: EDsession: Manufacturing Innovation: A New Model for 21st Century Learning Chuck Rudalavage, Gensler; Jill Sirota, Gensler show more Description In a world where the pace of change is accelerating, resources for learners are abundant, and institutions may no longer play the role of primary purveyors of information, what role will the institution of education play? Through examples of quickly adapting educational institutions who integrate new ways of learning and plan flexibly, this interactive session explores opportunities to flip the traditional model of learning and create partnerships outside of the classroom. With the openness and flexibility typical of today’s inventive work environments, this session underscores the idea that learning happens at many more places than just the desk. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 1:00PM - 2:00PM Speakers Chuck Rudalavage Gensler Jill Sirota Gensler ES20WB5: EDsession: School Safety: Stories from Coast to Coast Adele Willson, Hord Coplan Macht; Peter Winebrenner, Hord Coplan Macht; Jenine Kotob, Hord Coplan Macht show more Description In today’s schools, students are overwhelmed with academic stress, social-emotional challenges, and navigating a path to post-secondary life. To add to the pressure, our school communities must also deal with fear of mass shootings, neighborhood violence, rising suicide rates, and a myriad of other threats. Join us in a panel that focuses on how architects, educators, and administrators are addressing these challenges head on by designing for well-being, safety, and healing. This discussion will focus on case studies out of Denver, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., sharing various examples and stories from Hord Coplan Macht. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 1:00PM - 2:00PM Speakers Adele Willson Hord Coplan Macht Peter Winebrenner Hord Coplan Macht Jenine Kotob Hord Coplan Macht ES20WB1: EDsession: Therapeutic Learning Environments — Implications, Applications, Research, and Proof Through Practice Robin Randall, Legat Architects; Jenny Roe, University of Virginia; Marjorie Hess, Gary Comer Youth Center; Dina Sorensen show more Description Designing holistically for whole school/whole child wellbeing calls for new strategies in the physical learning environment but also ‘the institutional, psychological and social environment’ in which learning, playing, and working occur. With the aim of relieving stress and anxiety, Therapeutic Environments promote and stimulate a sense of self in an environment that is safe, calm, and nurturing – to meet the needs of every learner. Join this interdisciplinary group of experts including UVA’s Director of the Center for Design and Health, to engage in new insight about therapeutic environmental characteristics and applications in learning settings, and positive co-benefits of health. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 1:00PM - 2:00PM Speakers Robin Randall Legat Architects Jenny Roe University of Virginia Marjorie Hess Gary Comer Youth Center Dina Sorensen
2:30pm ES20WC2: EDsession: Designing Successful CTE Spaces for the K-14 Learner Adele Willson, Hord Coplan Macht; Sarah Rineer, Hord Coplan Macht; Jeff Hagan, Hord Coplan Macht show more Description The variety of programs that Career and Tech Education (CTE) facilities offer benefit from early planning of furniture and equipment layouts. Collaboration for proper equipment selection between school district and design team for spaces like Audio/Video Production, Health Science, Construction Trades, Culinary Arts, etc., ensures the best utilization of CTE learning spaces for future flexibility and success of students. K-14 education is bridging high school and higher education, and with proper planning and forward thinking, CTE programs can partner with local community colleges to provide education where learners are equipped to contribute to a strong community workforce and economy. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 2:30PM - 3:30PM Speakers Adele Willson Hord Coplan Macht Sarah Rineer Hord Coplan Macht Jeff Hagan Hord Coplan Macht ES20WC3: EDsession: Moving Beyond COVID-19 — Programming and Designing for School Facilities for Change John Dale, HED; Amy Yurko, BrainSpaces; James Mary O'Connor, Moore Ruble Yudell Architects and Engineeres show more Description As we all develop strategies to allow students to return from school, and recognize there is no “silver bullet,” and no two institutions’ solution will be the same, there are five key strategic areas to address: Zoning & Space Planning; Air Handling & Quality; Materials & Infection Control; New Technologies; and Enhanced Graphics. Building on recent experience developing a multi-use facility at Santa Monica High School which stresses long and short term flexibility and adaptive use, Santa Monica-Malibu USD is now embarking on a new phase, focusing on athletics, visual arts and career technical education (CTE). The session will use these two projects as case studies with the ‘Beyond COVID’ design principals above in mind. It will also explore strategies for designing space that can meet both the specific short-term pandemic imposed needs while creating a dynamic facility that will meet the needs of the District for decades to come. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 2:30PM - 3:30PM Speakers John Dale HED Amy Yurko BrainSpaces James Mary O'Connor Moore Ruble Yudell Architects and Engineeres ES20WC1: EDsession: Promoting Social Well-Being: Building Engaging Student-Centered, High Tech Learning Spaces Mira Gambhir, Branksome Hall; Bobby McDonald, Parlay; Andrew Kim, Steelcase Education show more Description This interactive workshop explores how the interplay of design, pedagogy and technology can impact the social well-being of learners in educational spaces. Attendees engage in conversations about inclusion research in the 21st century and a hands-on demonstration of an in-classroom discussion tool that aims to promote student engagement. The presenters share results from a mixed methods, post-occupancy study that captures students and teachers voices of their experiences of the discussion tool in two learning environments. This workshop offers an opportunity to explore how the built environment, diverse learners’ needs, and technology can help promote more fulfilling social interactions. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 2:30PM - 3:30PM Speakers Mira Gambhir Branksome Hall Bobby McDonald Parlay Andrew Kim Steelcase Education ES20WC4: EDsession: The Future of Education: Wellness, Collaboration, and Project Based Learning David Minnigan, ESa show more Description The Factory Model is outdated for mid 21st Century Education. We need to be creating facilities that respond to teaching styles, learning styles, and healthy environments consistent with the needs of our children. This presentation will focus on the process as well as the end result: facilities that are embraced by educators, parents, communities, and the students themselves. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 2:30PM - 3:30PM Speakers David Minnigan ESa ES20WORK2: Workshop: The Bond Formation and Campaign Process: Organizing a Community YES! Effort Danielle O'Grady, TMP Architecture; Gail Allevato, TMP Architecture, Inc.; Nandita Mishra, TMP Architecture; Suzanne Cybulla, East China School District show more Description When developing a future bond program, extracting meaningful input from all stakeholders is key to transforming fear into confidence. These techniques can also build consensus during visioning and pre-design phases. TMP Architecture has planned many successful bond programs, from conceptualizing the program, to State bond processes, to the campaign. In the past 10 years the firm has orchestrated more than $4 billion of successful programs, with 90% of them passing in an election on the first attempt. Join us as we dive deep into our Bond Formation and Campaign processes (methods crafted over decades of educational design experience). Suzanne Cybulla, Superintendent of the East China School District, will share her community’s Bond 2020 story, lessons learned and ultimate WIN at the polls. This engaging workshop will be facilitated by a cross-disciplinary team of designers and marketing professionals, including developing a Bond Formation Plan and a “Build Your Own Program” exercises! Time Wednesday, Nov 11 2:30PM - 5:00PM Speakers Danielle O'Grady TMP Architecture Gail Allevato TMP Architecture, Inc. Nandita Mishra TMP Architecture Suzanne Cybulla East China School District
4:00pm ES20WD1: EDsession: Cracking the Code — Innovating through Immersive Learningscape and Zero Energy Tomas Jimenez-Eliaeson, LITTLE; Philip Donovan, LITTLE; Michael Meechin, Principal, NeoCity Academy High School show more Description This presentation will share NEOCITY Academy, a new, 500-student, public Immersive Learningscape STEM high school and First Net-Zero-Energy School in Florida. We will tell a 360-degree story of how a partnership between Key District Leadership, a forward-thinking Principal, and an ambitious Design Team, provided a learning experience grounded in 3 key ideas: 1. An Immersive Learning Environment designed to support alternative learning processes amid a rigid EdSpec. 2. A Zero-Energy Building that supports a STEM culture of innovation within a strict budget. 3. A partnership with NEOCITY industry businesses to support Central Florida’s High Tech burgeoning needs with 21st century-enhanced students. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Tomas Jimenez-Eliaeson LITTLE Philip Donovan LITTLE Michael Meechin Principal, NeoCity Academy High School ES20WD4: EDsession: Drivers and Designs: Creating an intersection between Architect, School, and Vision Lisa Martin, ARCON Associates, Inc.; Ryan Bretag, Glenbrook High School District 225 show more Description As we evolve from a curriculum that's centered on "what you know" to a curriculum that promotes "what you do with what you know" how do we create designs that engage the district's vision, support the end-users, and are aligned with the architect's design? The following session will walk you through "defining the why", your anchor throughout the design process, while providing several case-studies of how Glenbrook HSD 225 and architect, ARCON, worked cohesively to support the district's progressive designs. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Lisa Martin ARCON Associates, Inc. Ryan Bretag Glenbrook High School District 225 ES20WD3: EDsession: Higher Ed Classrooms Designed for Teaching and Learning Jesse Anderson, Tufts University show more Description With case studies from Tufts University, we will explore some of the features that help to enable the teaching/learning process in a modern classroom. We will also discuss tasks and methodologies that can be used to help facilitate this process. We will use the real-world examples to help explain some of the theoretical methods used to arrive at a successful design, and discuss some of the challenges that different pedagogical methods, budgets, campus custom and other factors contribute to. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Jesse Anderson Tufts University ES20WD2: EDsession: How 'Personalized' Active Learning Environments Promote Positive Student Social/Emotional Well-Being Mark Beebe, LANCER+BEEBE; Brian Proctor, Walnut Grove Elementary School, Center Grove Community Schools; Jason Taylor, Center Grove Community Schools show more Description WGES was designed to be a different type of school in order to prepare students for dynamic, digital future. Equally important, the school district desired this new school to nurture and encourage young learners to be the positive social change needed in the community. The strategy to achieve these goals had a multi-faceted approach, beginning with programming and designing a building layout that incorporated various types of active learning environments clustered around grade-level communities, and strategically-aligned with 'specials' spaces. Complementing all of this, the latest FFE offerings were incorporated in a way that promotes student ownership of their learning Time Wednesday, Nov 11 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Mark Beebe LANCER+BEEBE Brian Proctor Walnut Grove Elementary School, Center Grove Community Schools Jason Taylor Center Grove Community Schools ES20WD5: EDsession: Linking Learning Space Design to Evidence-Based Research Dr. Christina Counts, MiEN Environments show more Description Creating future ready graduates extends beyond teaching styles, curriculum or pedagogy and into the physical spaces that students inhabit and interact with daily. What’s more is technology and the “new norm” is changing how they are learning at home - and therefore what learning will look like in the future. By understanding how learning spaces directly contribute to or take away from the learning experiences of students and teachers, participants will be equipped to design impactful learning environments. In this presentation, you will learn evidence based research that impacts the design of modern learning spaces. Time Wednesday, Nov 11 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Dr. Christina Counts MiEN Environments
Thursday, November 12
8:00am ES20TA5: EDsession: Exploring Intersections between K-12 and Higher Education Michael A. Nieminen, Kliment Halsband Architects; Susan T. Morgan, BKV Group; Alissa Harrington, McDaniel College show more Description Innovation in learning, teaching, and space planning is happening in both K-12 and Higher Education. Connecting practitioners and academics from each sector will provide a dialogue about the nature of transformative change, both academically and in design. With insights from leaders in K-12 and Higher Education, this session will explore how each sector is pushing the boundaries of what is next in learning – looking beyond today’s trends to tomorrow’s opportunities for teaching, learning, collaboration, and engagement. Panelists will share key values and reference case study examples, demonstrating specific attributes of K-12 and Higher Education issues. Time Thursday, Nov 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Michael A. Nieminen Kliment Halsband Architects Susan T. Morgan BKV Group Alissa Harrington McDaniel College ES20TA6: EDsession: From Vision to Standards: How Research Informed Furniture Design Selections Sylvia Kowalk, Legat Architects, Inc.; Donna Haney, Addison School District 4; Kimberley Lohse, Addison School District 4 show more Description Classrooms have become extended Learning Hubs. Explore with us the extraordinary process of identifying and balancing educational trends, district needs, new pedagogies, student wellness, furniture and budgets. Discover the process in which a District worked with several furniture manufacturers to design and implement pilot classrooms and how these pilot classrooms became research and testing opportunities for faculty and students. Then, we'll unfold the process that led to prototype classrooms furniture design. Finally, we’ll discuss how the District tailored their approach towards a standard solution that is be flexible enough to accommodate change in a time of evolving educational environments. Time Thursday, Nov 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Sylvia Kowalk Legat Architects, Inc. Donna Haney Addison School District 4 Kimberley Lohse Addison School District 4 ES20TA4: EDsession: How Colors Can Influence Students in Educational Environments Jill Alberico, Global Furniture Group show more Description You’ve probably noticed that color influences your mood, but have you stopped and considered how color can be used to enhance learning. The colors used in learning environments can actually have a major impact on students moods and how they learn and absorb information. While the impact of color is often overlooked, color is an inseparable part of our everyday lives. It’s inherent in everything we see and do and studies indicate that it plays a role in emotion, productivity, communication and learning. In this session we will learn how certain colors can have a significant influence in Education. Time Thursday, Nov 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Jill Alberico Global Furniture Group ES20TA1: EDsession: How Program and Space Design Can Spark Innovative Learning Paul Aplikowski, Wold Architects and Engineers; Jeff Ronneberg, Spring Lake Park Schools; Hope Rahn, Spring Lake Park Schools; Artemis Ettsen, Wold Architects & Engineers show more Description Learn how a public school district can foster grassroots system-wide innovation by design. Building innovation from the ground up allows you to leverage the best and brightest ideas from all stakeholders. Wold Architects and Engineers and Spring Lake Park Schools will help give you tools to empower your stakeholders. We will guide you as you rally your administrative support network, and capture the best ideas as they populate across your school system. Embrace all the possibilities while keeping results top of mind, finding creative solutions that stay on budget, and position the school system for today and the future. Time Thursday, Nov 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Paul Aplikowski Wold Architects and Engineers Jeff Ronneberg Spring Lake Park Schools Hope Rahn Spring Lake Park Schools Artemis Ettsen Wold Architects & Engineers ES20TA3: EDsession: North Carolina Academy to Envision Tomorrow's Schools- The Teacher's Voice Stewart Roberson, Moseley Architects; Jack Hoke, NC School Superintendents Association; Freebird McKinney, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction show more Description The Academy to Envision Tomorrow's Schools was comprised of the thirteen North Carolina Regional Teachers of the Year from 2017 and 2018. The purpose of the Academy was to elicit their views about school design features that will most effectively meet students' needs in tomorrow's schools. The Academy included a design workshop and research review. The resulting design themes are valuable to those who provide guidance about school facilities' elements affecting learning and teaching. The Academy was sponsored by Moseley Architects, PowerupEDU, CEF Inc., and Meeks Professional Services and was supported by the NC School Superintendents Association. Time Thursday, Nov 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Stewart Roberson Moseley Architects Jack Hoke NC School Superintendents Association Freebird McKinney North Carolina Department of Public Instruction ES20TA2: EDsession: When Pedagogy Drives Design Leanne Reynolds, River Oaks Baptist School; Janann Pittman, Jackson & Ryan Architects; Todd Herauf, River Oaks Baptist School show more Description The power of a symbiotic relationship is when the architect and the educator come together to understand the vision and goals of the school community. We will explore how a 2019 National Blue Ribbon School, River Oaks Baptist School, and Jackson & Ryan Architects propelled our traditional school into an innovative community whose new physical environment matched our student-centered pedagogy. Time Thursday, Nov 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM Speakers Leanne Reynolds River Oaks Baptist School Janann Pittman Jackson & Ryan Architects Todd Herauf River Oaks Baptist School
9:30am ES20TB3: EDsession: BrainSensing - Understanding the Brain's Activity in the Immersive Learningscape Tomas Jimenez-Eliaeson, LITTLE show more Description What if we could better understand what happens inside students’ heads, literally, while they experience learning environments? What if we could ‘see’ what they are sensing and feeling? This session will focus on links between Neuroscience and Space. It will delve into latest research about the Learning Brain and show primary research the describes how The Immersive Learningscape, a concept now implemented in various schools, is being tested through Whole Brain Sensing via Brainwear Wireless EEG Technology. We will show data that visualizes what students are sensing in each of the 5 emotions: anxiety, stress, frustration, focus, and excitement. Time Thursday, Nov 12 9:30AM - 10:30AM Speakers Tomas Jimenez-Eliaeson LITTLE ES20TB1: EDsession: Federal Funds for PK-12 Facilities Infrastructure: It's Time Mary Filardo, National Council on School Facilities/21st Century School Fund; Scott Brown, Maine Department of Education/National Council on School Facilities; Juan Mireles, California Department of Education/National Council on School Facilities show more Description In a moderated panel discussion, state school facilities officials from the National Council on School Facilities will make the case for federal funding for public school facilities and share how federal funding would impact their states. Discussion on what PK-12 stakeholders can do to secure sustained federal support for PK-12 buildings and grounds. Time Thursday, Nov 12 9:30AM - 10:30AM Speakers Mary Filardo National Council on School Facilities/21st Century School Fund Scott Brown Maine Department of Education/National Council on School Facilities Juan Mireles California Department of Education/National Council on School Facilities ES20TB5: EDsession: Higher Education AV Panel Discussion and Open Forum Christopher Dechter, Indiana University; Marc Cholewczynski, Oregon State University; Justin Rexing, Western Kentucky University; Jameson Rinehart, University of Missouri–Kansas City show more Description Learning spaces are increasingly dependent on technology. Join a panel on classroom technology experts as they discuss the current state of college and university AV: what works, what doesn't, and coming future developments. Bring your questions, ideas, and mad schemes – in this highly interactive session, participants will be encourage to put on their thinking caps and share solutions. All participants are encouraged to share their contact information so the conversations can continue after the show. (Please note: we have a fourth panelist, but there are only three speaker slots below.) Time Thursday, Nov 12 9:30AM - 10:30AM Speakers Christopher Dechter Indiana University Marc Cholewczynski Oregon State University Justin Rexing Western Kentucky University Jameson Rinehart University of Missouri–Kansas City ES20TB4: EDsession: Inspired by Possibility — Creative Transformations for Classrooms, Campuses & Districts Olivia Graf Doyle, A4E; Larry Cecil , El Monte Union High School District; Norma Macias, El Monte Union High School District show more Description Inspired spaces are almost always the result of inspired collaboration. But, how do we create and drive a collaborative cycle of inspiration through a typical design process for educational facilities? By ensuring that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the factors that contribute to successful space implementation, and by fostering an open-minded approach, we can realize new and renovated learning environments that exceed expectations at the user, campus, and district levels. A4E and representatives of El Monte Union School District will explore this topic through case study examples that showcase what is possible when collaboration and inspiration positively collide. Time Thursday, Nov 12 9:30AM - 10:30AM Speakers Olivia Graf Doyle A4E Larry Cecil El Monte Union High School District Norma Macias El Monte Union High School District ES20TB6: EDsession: The Impact of Biophilic Design on Student Success William Browning, Terrapin Bright Green; Jim Determan, Craig Gaulden Davis show more Description In ground-breaking research architects, scientists, educators and artists collaborated to provide evidence of how health benefits of the natural environment are applied within built space enhancing human experience and inspiring a traditionally lacking student demographic to enhanced learning outcomes. This session will focus on the findings from an AIA Upjohn grant funded multi-disciplinary study that examines how biophilic design impacts student stress and learning outcomes in a West Baltimore public middle school Math class. As recent research has focused on the positive effect of biophilic design in health care and workplace environments, there are no significant studies of the biophilic effect in learning spaces in the American classroom. This team is the first to test and present evidence of the impact of biophilic features on student stress reduction and enhanced learning outcomes. Attendees will leave this session with a new tool allowing them to transform current science into better design for the next generation of learning spaces. Time Thursday, Nov 12 9:30AM - 10:30AM Speakers William Browning Terrapin Bright Green Jim Determan Craig Gaulden Davis ES20TB2: EDsession: Transformation of a Learning Community Nicholas Kent, Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP; Deborah Kerr, Brown Deer School District show more Description District demographics and enrollment have changed significantly since the inception of the Brown Deer School District. The District and Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA) have partnered for more than a decade to develop a response that recognizes the needs of grade levels, expanded curricular offerings, and provides facilities that support the individual and diverse needs of learners. Today, two transformed school buildings on one vibrant learning campus have helped to reinvigorate the entire community. This presentation will identify the issues, how community engagement impacted planning, and review the physical response to the needs of today’s learners. Time Thursday, Nov 12 9:30AM - 10:30AM Speakers Nicholas Kent Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP Deborah Kerr Brown Deer School District
2:00pm ES20TC2: EDsession: An Exploration of Design Thinking at Chinook Trail Middle School Brian Calhoun, RTA Architects; Tom Andrew, Chinook Trail Middle School show more Description In 2019, Chinook Trail Middle School opened in Colorado Springs as the district's first school designed and built for a project based learning model. Join Architect Brian Calhoun and Principal Tom Andrew as they examine the concepts that drove the design of the school. This session will seek to explore the alignment between building design and actual implementation of an educational program centered around the idea of Design Thinking. Time Thursday, Nov 12 2:00PM - 3:00PM Speakers Brian Calhoun RTA Architects Tom Andrew Chinook Trail Middle School ES20TC5: EDsession: Classrooms to Learning Spaces: How a Natural Disaster Changed LPPS Alan Murphy, Livingston Parish Public Schools; Nikki Lavergne, Livingston Parish Public Schools show more Description After a natural disaster flooded multiple schools, Livingston Parish Public Schools (LPPS) transitioned from classrooms to learning spaces designed with the 21st century student in mind. From outdoor spaces and glass classrooms, to convertible libraries and flexible seating, learn how LPPS converted the traditional classroom to a flexible learning space. With three new schools being built, discover their plans for future campuses and classrooms. Time Thursday, Nov 12 2:00PM - 3:00PM Speakers Alan Murphy Livingston Parish Public Schools Nikki Lavergne Livingston Parish Public Schools ES20TC3: EDsession: Say What? How Enhanced Acoustics Impact Learning Nicholas Williams, District of Columbia Public Schools; Heather Jauregui, Perkins Eastman show more Description While it is well known that acoustics are important in instructional environments, guidance around acoustic performance in classrooms has not advanced to accommodate a new style of teaching, one that has shifted from lecture-based learning to project-based learning. To study this, DCPS partnered with Perkins Eastman DC to test out a series of enhanced acoustical treatments at C.W. Harris Elementary School in Washington DC, to help inform the return on investment in terms of both dollar value as well as student impact, and to guide the district as to how these enhancements might be deployed on a larger scale. Time Thursday, Nov 12 2:00PM - 3:00PM Speakers Nicholas Williams District of Columbia Public Schools Heather Jauregui Perkins Eastman ES20TC1: EDsession: Space to Teach: What Teachers Need to Help Students Thrive Marilyn Denison, DLR Group; Rex Miller, MindSHIFT; Anton Blewett, DLR Group Architecture Firm show more Description This presentation weaves together the science of the brain and nervous system, inspiring stories from educational leaders, and plain old common sense to demonstrate how better care for our educators is the most cost-effective strategy for improving the health and well-being of our schools, staff, and students. Various polls show that 70% of educators are disengaged. However, in the book, WHOLE (Rex Miller), shares research that dispels the disengagement myth describing stress educators face. Come hear stories from educational leaders about school outliers that through design and creative learning environments are improving health, well-being, and engagement of educators. Time Thursday, Nov 12 2:00PM - 3:00PM Speakers Marilyn Denison DLR Group Rex Miller MindSHIFT Anton Blewett DLR Group Architecture Firm ES20TC4: EDsession: Updating Technology in Legacy STEM Classroom Spaces Ryan Stack, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Jesse House, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Joe Bonchi, New Jersey Institute of Technology show more Description In this case study, New Jersey Institute of Technology staff will share lessons learned from the renovation of learning spaces (i.e. classrooms & labs) which have gone a decade or more since the last technology upgrades. The panel will be sharing experiences from planning and implementing a multi-year classroom renewal plan. Our goal is to teach effective strategies for adapting to physical limitations of an existing space while meeting the technology needs of all stakeholders, avoiding costly gotchas, and identifying opportunities for cost savings. Time Thursday, Nov 12 2:00PM - 3:00PM Speakers Ryan Stack New Jersey Institute of Technology Jesse House New Jersey Institute of Technology Joe Bonchi New Jersey Institute of Technology
2:30pm ES20WORK4: Workshop: The Future of Intangible Learning Systems in a Post-COVID World Bryan Ballegeer, KI; Jonathan Matta, KI show more Description Creativity. Play. Critical Thinking. Curiosity. All of these are becoming more and more mainstream in the K-12 world of learning, making for truly intangible characteristics that the 22nd century human will need. In this active workshop, we seek to collaborate as a team of leaders who are responsible for the success of K-12 learning systems today, and ask: how might the learning systems of K12, and particularly those beyond, be re-designed to support and accelerate upon that which we have already created? Time Thursday, Nov 12 2:30PM - 5:00PM Speakers Bryan Ballegeer KI Jonathan Matta KI
4:00pm ES20TD4: EDsession: Design Innovation in a Resistant Organization: a Military Study Robert Halvorson, United States Army War College show more Description The military design methodology and its government culture are highly resistant to change and innovation. When designing a new academic facility for the United States Army War College, it was necessary to create a structure which enabled modern adult learning practices while managing expectations, moderating cultural resistance, and gaining organizational buy in. By creating a goal oriented vision, communicating it effectively and empowering teams to achieve that vision, the Army War College was able to design a facility which broke all the norms of governmental baselines. Time Thursday, Nov 12 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Robert Halvorson United States Army War College ES20TD5: EDsession: Flex Learning Spaces: How Learning Can Occur and Be Encouraged Anywhere Westley Enterline, MAROTTA/MAIN Architects; Jennifer Gordon, Tanner Furniture; Connie King, MAROTTA/MAIN Architects show more Description Conestoga Valley School District challenged Marotta/Main Architects to create a new middle school that would allow learning to not be limited to the classroom, but occur anywhere within and around the building. Marotta/Main responded with a design that utilized both the exterior and interior of the building and can be modified by educators for a variety of learning scenarios. The presentation will begin with an overall review of a recent project — Gerald G. Huesken Middle School (Lancaster, PA) — the building which our EDspaces classroom is based on. The building will be reviewed at a high level and then broken down into different spaces focusing on the self-sufficient learning pod. The furniture supporting these spaces will be discussed in concert with the spaces. Time Thursday, Nov 12 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Westley Enterline MAROTTA/MAIN Architects Jennifer Gordon Tanner Furniture Connie King MAROTTA/MAIN Architects ES20TD1: EDsession: Resuscitating Educational Facilities for Innovative Learning and Environmental Stewardship Michael A. Nieminen, Kliment Halsband Architects; Jason Forney , Bruner/Cott Architects show more Description With creative design and programming, underutilized campus buildings from all eras can be transformed into sustainable, thriving, innovative learning environments that align with current and future needs. Rather than replacing them, more planners are considering the benefit of adaptive or transformative reuse that creates space for today’s learners and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Campus planners are tasked with creating 21st-century learning environments, moving towards carbon neutrality, and repairing buildings that are near the end of their useful lives. Transformative reuse addresses all of these issues. Time Thursday, Nov 12 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Michael A. Nieminen Kliment Halsband Architects Jason Forney Bruner/Cott Architects ES20TD3: EDsession: What Design Forgot: What Happens When 'My Classroom' Goes Away? Lennie Scott-Webber, INSYNC: Education Research + Design show more Description Innovations are disruptors. Many disruptors are evident in the ‘innovative learning environments’ generated for age cohorts K-12. One could argue the work is focused on students, as former classrooms are being re-thought. Active learning solutions need more knowledgeable solutions, but the educator, and the actual work of pedagogy, is often forgotten. Designs must support the functionality of all users. A 4-A’s matrix helps define the work of pedagogy. Today’s designs must understand this work, and how teachers as users want to function. Lack of knowledge of these users’ needs is evident. What might intentionally design places look like? Come see. Time Thursday, Nov 12 4:00PM - 5:00PM Speakers Lennie Scott-Webber INSYNC: Education Research + Design
Friday, November 13
9:00am ES20FA2: EDsession: Analog Pinterest: Participatory Exercises for Planning Student-Centered Learning Environments Shannon Dowling, Ayers Saint Gross; Lori Blackwood, Longwood University; David Duxbury, Ayers Saint Gross show more Description Today’s professional skills include communication, problem-solving, and collaboration. To cultivate mastery of the soft skills coveted by employers, institutions must plan for dynamic spaces that encourage create-based learning in a diverse and equitable learning environment centered around pedagogy and student agency. Engaging students and faculty in the conversations and planning process creates cohesive learning environments that foster higher utilization, deeper relationships, and improved student success. This presentation narrates Longwood University’s participatory, exercise-based journey to create an Academic Space Improvement Plan that aligns physical space design, capacity, and utilization with learning initiatives centered around creative, forward-thinking research, discussion, advocacy, and reflection. Time Friday, Nov 13 9:00AM - 10:00AM Speakers Shannon Dowling Ayers Saint Gross Lori Blackwood Longwood University David Duxbury Ayers Saint Gross ES20FA1: EDsession: Impact of School Facilities Environments on Student Engagement and Learning Julie Arthur, Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH), and Palm Springs Unified School District; Jeff Becker, Fresno County Supt. of Schools & CASH; Don Ulrich, Clovis Unified School District show more Description The California School Facilities Research Institute (CSFRI), a 501(c)(3) seeks to identify built elements of K-12 schools that result in higher levels of student engagement and learning. CSFRI’s Goals: Gather existing national/international research to summarize literature identifying specific classroom and ancillary facilities environments that positively impact student engagement and learning. CSFRI will present its goals in conducting research and seek involvement of educators, architects, furniture design professionals and others at the session. The future intent is to share research gathered with national, state and local education agencies, and use it to inform policy makers at the state and federal level. Session Sponsor: American School & University magazine Time Friday, Nov 13 9:00AM - 10:00AM Speakers Julie Arthur Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH), and Palm Springs Unified School District Jeff Becker Fresno County Supt. of Schools & CASH Don Ulrich Clovis Unified School District



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